Restraining Orders are often filed in the following cases:

  •    Domestic Violence;
  •    Harassment;
  •     Threats;
  •     Stalking;
  •     Unwanted Contact;

I have successfully obtained many Restraining Orders to protect clients, their children, spouses and extended family members and friends.  I have also defended many wrongfully filed Restraining Orders as well.  Restraining Orders vary in type, duration, and seriousness:

Emergency Protective Order- Usually issued by the Police in the Event of alleged violence.  These last only Five (5) days.  If you require a longer order You must get one from Court;

Domestic Violence Restraining Order – (DVPA) these are Initially issued as “TRO’s or Temporary Restraining Orders.   The Court can make Them last as long as Five (5) Years;

Civil Restraining Orders – Similar to DVPA’s – but used against Unrelated Third (3rd) Parties;

Criminal Restraining Orders – Issued in a Criminal Matter- May Also require a “DVPA” to modify things such As Child Custody, visitation, etc.

If you have had a Restraining Order wrongfully issued against you, I defend these also.   Don’t risk Jail, loss of employment, loss of reputation and future earnings by trying to defend these yourself.  Call me, Attorney Kevin J. Kensik



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